COREEXPO Inc. is trying to thrive a international industry development

Starting from the top five countries in the world, lifestyle, health, construction engineering, sports, beauty and food Ingredients exhibition business  

going to be held in each country Excavating the exhibition industry items which is optimized for each country,

and we also want to contribute to the development of the industry



  • To be your powerful business partner

  • Focus on your want

  • New Method suggest



  • Sustainable Development

  • Accompanied by the growth of industry

  • Regional industrial development


Core Expo Inc. is a company that was born for the purpose of holding global exhibition. Exhibition Republic of Korea, despite the continued growth and development for many years is the fact that the international arena there is still undervalued.

But Currently, Korea Golf Fair from 2007 were with SBS Golf company, has been developed by 160 companies in 21,385㎡, 55,000 visitor annually. With these skills and capacity, Core Expo was founded in the fall of 2014 to held international exhibition.


Find the best professionals for each field

Sales, marketing, operations and exhibition management, as well as in functional roles such as finance, HR and IT, we offer a opportunities for talented and highly motivated individuals.


We suggest a new proposal

We know better than anyone the importance of the exhibition director. So we are doing a lot of investment and ongoing support to the exhibition director.

If you have any interest of exhibition business field, please contact with us at any time 


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