If you have a interest of some business field, there will be an answer

Worldwide, there are more than 15,000 exhibition held annually. And opens the exhibition for most industries, it is possible to determine the fastest trends and changes. Consumers, buyers, journalists, students and general visitors, industry representatives, most of the information needed to know can be found in the exhibition.


You can get these

  • Learn about the latest styles, trends, modifications, improvements, etc. to their existing products and services

  • See the newest product offerings

  • Meet with technical representatives regarding equipment updates or problem solving

  • Meet the management team

  • Compare and evaluate competitive products

  • Pay a social visit or attend a hospitality function

  • Network

  • Purchase something new

  • Gain new ideas and insights to grow your business





As a Consumer, buyer, journalist, student and general visitor, industry representative,
most of the information needed to know can be found in the exhibition.


How to maximize the effectiveness showroom visit

Set the interest field of industries
Check scale, location place held,  history of exhibition
Register through the exhibition online visit website
Check Exhibitors position through the floorplan
If it is possible, visit after phone reservation and visit exhibitor booths
Set the content of questions for consultation, before visiting
Additional information obtain through the visiting of competing companies
After the exhibition visit, consultation to review whether the information applies to businesses and expand the business